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Wiping Systems

Vertical Wire Wiping System

Arcon supplies Vertical Wire Wiping Systems that are built to process multiple strands of steel wire exiting vertically from a Galvanising, Galfan® or Aluminum furnace. The wiping assembly is constructed to accommodate the latest generation N2, Gas-Gravel, Charcoal or Vertical Pad modules. Complete with a rugged tower structure, our systems cover most coating classes and wire speed requirements.

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Pad Wiping Systems

Arcon's Pad Wiping Systems remove excess zinc, leaving a smooth, bright finish on the wires. A commercial coating is applied to each wire as it exits the galvaniser between a set of two rectangular pads. Wiping pressure is adjusted by individual screw clamping mechanisms compressing each set of pads together. After wiping, the wires exit the back side of the pads directly into individual quench tubes that cool the wires to ambient temperature. Axial clamping mechanisms press these tubes into the back face of the pad sets, providing water tight seals.

All the Pad Wiping Systems supplied are ruggedly constructed of structural steel sections and mild steel plate and will be custom-designed to suit your wire diameters, wire pitch and galvaniser exit configuration. The design permits easy access and operation. 


IAS Automatic Coating Weight Control System

In addition to Vertical Wire and Pad Wiping Systems, Arcon offers the steel wire industry a revolutionary galvanising technology: The IAS Automatic Coating Weight Control System. This proven technology accurately and consistently applies metallic coatings to multiple wires in high speed process lines. Using an innovative sensor, computer interface and flow control valves with precision nitrogen wiping nozzles, the system promises improved quality, higher production and significant savings on zinc, aluminium and Galfan®.




  • Cost Savings

    Savings in zinc consumption of 25% and more are realized through tighter control of coating weight. This means a rapid payback of less than 18 months on the capital expenditure.
  • Improved Quality

    Employing the latest generation of Nitrogen Wiping Nozzles, the system offers improved quality in concentricity, surface finish and coating weight consistency. This improvement in quality achieves a better performing wire in corrosion tests with equal coating weights.
  • Increased Production

    The system permits wire speeds up to 300% faster than gas/gravel wiping methods. Additionally, since less operator input is required in the wiping area, productivity can be increased by about 10%.