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Cutting to Length

    Cut to length lines   

Arcon supplies state of the art Cut to Length Lines that incorporate the latest control technology, ensuring the highest level of consistency and accuracy to meet the demands of today's work place.

The lines are customised to suit your specific needs, whether processing thin gauge Surface Sensitive Aluminum or thick gauge Hot Rolled High Tensile Steel.

Arcon supplies a wide range of Cut To Length Lines to suit all applications including Roll Feed Lines, Multi Blanking Lines, Rotary Shear Lines, Flying Shear Lines and Stop/Start Lines.



  • Automatic coil loading and feeding
  • Automatic pre-setting of machine adjustments
  • Computer-controlled precision levelling
  • High speed precision shearing
  • Stacking systems for single or multiple blanks
  • Inspection system with sheet classification facilities
  • Drop sheet stacking
  • Air floatation stacking
  • Magnetic belt type stacking
  • Vacuum belt type stacking
  • Bomb door stacking
  • Single or multi position stacking